Thursday, May 6, 2021

Painting Challenge WW2 Naval Ships


One half of Force K - HMS Aurora and HMS Penelope

This year I've been re-starting my WW2 Naval Plans that I put on the back burner about 6 years ago.  Next off of the work bench we have two British Cruisers and three Italian destroyers/torpedo boats.

By late 1941, the Royal Navy was running short on ships but had temporarily managed to get ahead in the Mediterranean.  By early 1942 the RN was thoroughly knocked for 6 and on the defensive everywhere, especially in the Med.   But for a short period, Force K composed of the small cruisers Aurora and Penelope and two destroyers ran the table against the Italians.

I've had fun researching camouflage patterns.  The cruisers of Force K used a rather natty two tone grey pattern with light upper works and dark hulls.

Inter-war naval treaties limited each Navy to a set tonnage of cruisers. For most Navies this emanate building as many big cruisers as possible within your cap, but for the RN and its Imperial responsibilities the number of cruisers was just as important.  The 4 Arethusa class cruisers were small with only room for 6 6" guns but did sterling service and were hard worked.  

HMS Aurora may have been the best shooting ship in the RN.  Penelope  was nicknamed  first HMS Pepperpot after a heavy bombing left her a lot of splinter holes, and then HMS Pocurpine after the holes were plugged with timbers that extended outside of her hull.

The cruisier models are both GHQ and I'd forgotten how fiddly these could be.

I also have three Italian escorts the Soldati class Alpino, the Freccia class Fulmine and the Spica class torpedo boat Calliope.  The first two are GHQ and the Calliope is CinC.

This ships will count towards my total in the Naval Side Duel as I inch along incrementally.  They will also give me a squirrel point in the Squirrel challenge once I amass a full 25 points for the WW2 project (currently I sit at 20 points).

Back again, Peter? So soon?

Those ships are rather spiffing. I'll go along with your suggested points (I'm sure they are based on scoring from previous Challenge years), so that's another 10 points for you.