Friday, May 14, 2021

AHPC Lumberjill for the Sorceress

After my most recent trip to the Dungeon I had the Sorceress transport me back to the Aquifer so that I might take the water route to the lower level.  With my normal level of focus i've now decided that I should go to the Gallery of Ancestors on the second level.  To that end I have a single Lumberjill from Bad Squiddo Games Women of WW2 range in 28mm.  No need for any magic, I think that this strapping lass can chuck me over her shoulders and cart me there like a sack of potatoes. 

Not a lot to say about this figure that I didn't say about my earlier Lumberjill posts.  it's a lovely figure, paints up a charm and a really interesting bit of history.

Points wise that is 5 for the young lady plus potentially another 20 for the Sorceress' bonus.  This will be my third time with the Sorceress and I don't know if this counts against my 1st or 2nd level usage of the weird sisters' services.  I'll let the Cap'n work that out.  Seems to me that those in command never have enough paperwork to keep them busy.


The Cap'n hates paperwork Peter... :-(


  1. Nice work on this figure - I am always tempted by the Bad Squiddo range - one day, I might get all the WW2 Russians!

  2. Thanks Ross. They are very nice figures and Kudos to them for putting the range out.

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