Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gonzaga Figure

A shout out to Bedford over at Gewalthaufen for the excellent Gonzaga vignette using Perry figures which has been a great inspiration for my own much less spectacular Italian Wars collections.  It appears in the latest WSS, but improperly attributed.  Go check it out at it's true home on the link above.

We are not worthy!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Henry V's Warship

I found this cool story on the Beeb website today, about archeologists finding one of Henry V's great car racks.  The wreck is in the a River Hamble, a spot that I know about as well as any in the UK.  My dad lives along the Hamble and keeps his boat moored n the river, although down river from the site.  From the looks of it, she lies upriver of the Bursledon Bridge towards the a Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I'm Not Dead Yet

According to blogger, I have done diddly squat since July 19th (2 1/2 months ago).  This is not strictly accurate, although family members might challenge my position...

Anyway when we last left the blog story, I had lost the Waterloo campaign shortly afterwords lost my supper.  Having put up a flurry of "Blucher -100 Days" related posts I was pretty much blogged out and never really got back on the horse.

However, I have been active with gaming related activities such as:

  • Painting more Italian wars related Perry 28mm figures, mostly plastics with some metals thrown in.
  • Dusted off my collection of Armada era galleons and tried them out with Galleons and Galleys.
  • Read a bunch of books on 15-16th century voyages of discovery.  Most appropriately, my biography of Columbus got lost at one point but reappeared on the wrong continent (OK sofa).
  • Played several board games and actually won some of them.
  • Played a Blucher era game hosted by Curt using his 3mm (yikes!) figures for the 1809 Danube campaign.
  • And likely other stuff, but I am having an academic memory fade....
More on these topics to follow...