Games Played in 2017

I kept a running total in 2014 but hadn't for the last two years.  I thought that I would get back on that horse for 2017.

  • Jan 6th Stars Wars Armada
  • Jan 13th Black Orchesta (Assassinate Hitler)
  • Jan 20th Formule De twice (both wins for me!)
  • Jan 27th Spanish Civil War Chain of Command 
  • Jan 28th Kingdom Death
  • Feb 10th Star Wars Armada (loss)
  • Feb 24th Star Wars Armada (bad loss)
  • March 3rd Star Wars Armada (big win!)
  • March 17th Star Wars Armada (big loss)
  • April 7th Mice and Mystics
  • April 21st TIME Stories
  • April 28th Guadacanal (CoH), Mice and Mystics

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