Sunday, July 18, 2021

What I did During my Winter Painting Challenge

Chllnge wind up and sum up.


I am of course late out of the gate on this one.  But here are my wrap up photos.


Naval Stuff

All the ships were from WW2.  I had planned to add some Anglo Dutch Wars ships which only got part painted and some from the War of the Pacific which only got primer.  I gave Adam a reasonable chase in the early going of there Naval Duel but got left in everyone's wake at the end.  For some reason I decided that I needed every destroyer that fought in the Med in 1941-2, but I had fun researching the various classes, modifications and camouflage patterns applied.

Land based stuff

A true variety pack -  a new 10mm NYW project, Dorky Orky tanks, Women of WW2 and Beowulf!

Dooffus in charge with my Meadhall background from our Beowulf DnD sessions

January through March is a busy time for me.  I basically end up working 60% of each of two jobs so the challenge is a sanity break for me.  It's great to see everyone work and looking forward to next year.

Friday, July 16, 2021

AHPC Beowulf Characters for the Snowlord

Here's my response to the challnge issued by Curt. I'll have posts about our Beowulf games shortly.


My last post and it's my two figures to lay at the Snowlord's feet.  I present two 28mm figures of the Heroes Ham Anfeald and Ibn Uthman from Handiwork Games Beowulf RPG.  These were 3D printed by Curt for me.

A bit of background.  I'm am not an RPG nerd and I am way more of a historical gamer than anything else.  But I was given inspiration by former Challenger Edwin to investigate the Kickstarter for this game.  I liked what I saw, story based adventures focused on a specific era and location and really honouring the source materials.  So I jumped on and the Kickstarted hit tons of goals and is delivering the goods.

Ibn Uthman, Warroir poet of Baghdad is Curt's character.  He's been exiled for too clever word play and is fairly clearly modelled on Ahmad ibn Fadlan (as was Antonio Banderas' character in 13th Warrior).  I've tired to match the illustration below the Beowulf materials (the artwork in these is lovely).

Gamewise Beowulf is best described as a dnd hack.  They took the base mechanisms from 5e DnD and took out the character classes (everyone PC is a hero) , PC magic use, alignment and races.  They then added in their own versions to suit the era and setting.  It's designed for GM and one player, but we've played it with a group and it worked well.  I'll need to brush up on my rules and GM skills and also I need to make the masters tougher, but game play was good IMHO.

The setting is the misty historical era between the fall of Rome and the rise of Charlemagne and there are terrific opportunities there.   This is the era of Beowulf, Arthur, the Irish Saints and the Sutton Hoo king where history and myth blend together.  I'm a sucker for a historical link so I did my fall gardening chores listening to Seamus Heaney reading Beowulf, dusty o my histories of Sub-Roman Britain and am trying to figure out which translation fo the Venerable Bede I should pick up..

I hand painted the shield using my "looks good from 3 feet" standard based on historical arab designs.

Ham Anfeald is Stacy's character and is a merchant ship captain looking for more lucrative opportunities. Again I've tried to match the illustration below.  Dark age colours are muted which requires a level of subtlety that eludes me but I'm fairly happy with the results.  the forges themselves are nicely posed with good features.  Metal versions are available as well.

It's been a good challenge.  I hit my points target, made it to the Snowlord's altar in time and got the coveted Skull of the Week award.  I didn't paint everything that I planned to but isn't that the way things go...

Thursday, July 15, 2021

AHPC Crusier Trieste


Second last day of the challenge and second last post fro me, the Italian cruiser Trieste from GHQ in 1/2400.  I had the model primed in one of the first batches of work for this year's challenge but she's been kicking around the work table semi finished since December. 

Trieste and her sisters were armed with 8" guns but only lightly armoured.  Her sparse superstructure are typical of e 1920s era designs,  The float plane on the foc'sle seems precariously perched and required that she steam into the wind to launch it.

I've painted her in a camouflage scheme that she wore in 1942 even though it comes from a later date than the era that I'm focusing on. She had a busy war attacking and escorting convoys.  She was torpedoed and damaged by HMS/M Utmost in late 1941 and sunk by US bombers in port in 1943.

There's some interesting history in the naming of Italian 8" gunned cruisers of this era, all seven were na med for former Habsburg territories taken over by Italy after WW1.  The three name sake territories for the  Trento class (Trento, Trieste and half sister Bolzano) all remain Italian.  But three of the four Zara class (Zara, Pola and Fiume) were named for territories that are now Croatian (and renamed) with Gorizia being the sole exception.   None of the seven ships survived the war.

As Trieste sails off so do my entries in the Naval Side Duel.  That's another hull and another two points and a tip of my hat to Adam and the other participants in that challenge.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

AHPC: Williamite War in Ireland for St Paddy's Day (40 points)

Still catching up - only 4 monthslate!


It's St Patrick's Day, I have an Irish wife and I'm woking on a project based in Ireland.

This is the Earl of Antrim's Regiment in 10mm for the William War in Ireland 1688-91.  Figures are by Pendraken.  Antrim  formed the unit in Ulster for King James' Army largely from Catholics. However, there were supposedly a lot of Scots in the mix and the Williamites referred to it a Redshanks in reference to kilts.  Later in the war Antrim's got kitted out with French equipments and that's how I've represented them here. At some point maybe I'll get an earlier version done with some highland dress added in,

This regiment has a unique place in Ulster's history, basically triggering the whole war!  In December 1688 James' lieutenant in Ireland order them to take over garrison duty in Derry to replace a regiment that was possibly disloyal.  A group of Apprentice Boys locked the gates in their face setting up the Siege of Derry.  You google to go down your own rabbit hole on that one, but I can certainly remember the Aprrentice Boys taking part in Orange Order marches during the troubles.

I've based the unit for BLB, in three stands including a pike continent in the centre stand.  The late 17th century was a period of transition and under BLB units can range from All Pike to All Musket, with most having a mix.  I've interned tis regiment to count as "Regulation" meaning that with mostly matchlock muskets and a small pike company to fend off cavalry.  

Flags were home prints.  The Colonel's Colour (white with the cross of St George) came from Warflag.  The King's colour I cut and pasted together using partial images in League of Augsburg Guides to the War.  In 10mm you can get away with a fair bit.

I've gone with my colour coded unit tables, Jacobite Green in this case.

To get the Orange side of things on the score sheet I also have a Dutch light artillery piece.

Points wise there are 33 men in Antrim's Regiment and 3 gunners at 1 point a piece plus 2 points for the gun making 35 points total.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play some Derry music.  The Undertones were a bunch of Catholic lads from Bogside in Ulster in the 1970s. With future prospects being limited to joining the IRA or emigrating they did the natural teenage thing and formed a rock and roll band.  They cut a demo and mailed it to the legendary DJ John Peel in London, who called it the best thing he'd ever heard and away they went...

I do love a themed submission, and dropping an Irish Williamite War Regiment of St Pat's day is a real treat Peter! Take a few bonus points to celebrate :-)

Cap'n Wednesday

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

AHPC More Orky Dorky Tanks

Like many Challengers I am busy clearing stuff out of the 99% done pile before this week end's deadline while trying to get my submission for the Snowlord ready.  This is another Gretchin tank 3D printed by gaming buddy JeremyM.  It's of suitably unknown providence for an Orky vehicle.  I've continued mostly with my Maserati red with steampunk bronze fittings colour scheme mostly because I can't be ar*ed to come up with another.  You may however note hints of other colours on the current flanks.


Profile views show that the Maserati red is in this case Claret with Amber stripes on the turret. Challengers or those with a Yorkshire connection may recognize these as the home colours for KenR's beloved/cursed Bradford City Football Club.  I reckon this tank has about as much chance on the pitch as BCFC.

That should be 20 points for the 28mm vehicle and I'm off to work on my submission for the Snowlord's altar.

Orks for the Dorklord! That tank is most certainly red.


Monday, July 12, 2021

AHPC - The Snowlord's Challenge

I'm still going through ny backlog from the challenge, but it's getting near then end. AHPC: The Altar of the SnowLord
Altar of the SnowLord (brought to you by the kids of Kinsmen Park South) Congratulations Peter on making your way down to the SnowLord's Altar! You recently ran a great little RPG adventure set in the age of Beowulf, and I know that you sourced a few 3D prints depicting characters from the scenario. So let's see a couple of those painted up in anticipation of future sagas. Once done, you can claim your prize.
Petes' Prize: Iain's brilliant Italian Wars Landsknecht Commander CHallenge was accepterd and completd. Iain's wonderful figure arrived at my house in the last couple of weeks. he's a wonderful peice with a lot of heft in the casting.

Friday, June 25, 2021

AHPC The Snowlord's Treasury

For the treasury I've got three pieces from a Terrain Crate pack of various treasures.  I picked them up at my FLGS for this room.  I've done a few bits from Terrain Crate and like what I've seen, they are cheap, effective , cleanly cast and paint up nicely. 

I tried a cobblestone effect under the crown's plinth.  Not over thrilled with it, I should have glued on card or pdf bits before mounting the plinth.

The ubiquitous pile of chests and scrolls.  Lots of uses here for my Italian Wars, El Cid and SYW projects.

The sword in the stone.  Not sure that I can find uses for this or the crown.  I did enjoy  playing with textures on them.

I estimate these bits as 1/4 of a terrain cube so 5 points plus 20 for the room gives me 25 for this post and I'm lined up for the Lair of the Spider.


Any Cap'n worth his salt starts drooling at the sight of piles of treasure! I likes the pile of chests and scrolls in particular :-)

Cap'n Wednesday

Thursday, June 24, 2021

AHPC Another ATA Flyer for the Sorceress (25 points)

I need to make my way from the Hall of heroes to the Snowlord's Treasury.  I will enlist the aid of the local Sorceress and this ATA pilot from Bad Squiddo Games.

 I had previously posted the other ATA pilot.  This lady is less glamorous and looks equipped for a long flight, possibly a Trans-Atlantic one.  Another great figure, but differentiating the different earth tones was a challenge for me.  

Bags of character on these figures.  She like she's of a certain vintage and tough as nails.  I expect that she could drink Churchill's gallant few under the table.  The texture on her face looked a bit grainy in some shots.  I suspect that's down to my bad priming rather than casting issues and these packs were very nicely moulded and cast.

That's my first use of the Sorceress' services on the third level so I beehive that makes 25 points (5 for the figure plus 20 for the Sorceress).

I love all the gear she is lugging - very thematic, and you've done a great job with the appropriately drab palette. Nice one Peter!

Cap'n Wednesday

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

AHPC Wrens

For the Hall of Heroes I'm going with this set of Signalling Wrens from Bad Squiddo.   I've been mining my pledge figures from Bad Squiddo's Women of WW2 Kickstarter for a lot of my posts this year, and this is one of my favourite packs from the lot.  There's a lot to love in this range and it's given me the push to do some reading into the role of women in WW2.   The Woman's Royal Navy Service (WRNS) did invaluable work in many roles nd they count as heroines in my book.

These figures are very nicely sculpted and lovely to paint, or they would be except for the need to add depth to all navy blue uniforms.  The Wrens are clearly using the signalling equipment here and not just posing with it like some 60s cheesecake calendar you see in your local garage.  There's  lass with semaphore flags, one with an aldiss lamp, one reading signals from another team with her telescope and two scribbling down notes.

A really good read on the WRNS can be found i the book below, which I picked up from my FLBS last year.  It's the story of how the RN used a home brew war-game to develop the ASW tactics that helped win the Battle of the Atlantic.  The WRNS payed a heavy role in developing the game and GMing it while officers from the Western Approaches command came in for training.  Good naval history, good wargaming history, good social history.  A win all around, 

Points wise there are 5 28mm figures plus 20 for the room for a total of 45 points.   These mark two milestones for me the ear.  First I should give me enough points to get over my 500 point target.  Secondly I think that 45 points is a seasonal best post for me this Challenge.  While Miles and MartinC have been gorging themselves on 200+ point displays of gluttony, I've been sedately grazing my way through the treats on the h'or d'oeuvres platters. 

Nice nautical ladies, Peter!


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

AHPC Graveyard Beach

Another post from the Winter.

It's getting to the last three weeks so I've got to get my skates laced up to make it to the Snowlord's altar in time.  Luckily I've managed to finish up anther bits and pieces to skate through some rooms on the third level.

First up is two Wizkids Zombies from my FLGS for Graveyard Beach.  I'll point out that I grew up in a town with a Hangman's Beach and misspent some of youth lounging on said beach.  I went with a monotone grey/brown effect on the zombies to represent sorta dead bodies that spent a long time in water and added some water effects to the bases to give the ideas of them shambling out of the shallows.


Two 28mm figures plus the room bonus gives me 30 points. I'm not sure if there is enough flesh come off of these guys to register on the Skull-o-meter(TM).

Well, if people will insist on burying the dead on sandy shorelines, this is exactly what you can expect!


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Yet More Allied Destroyers


Following on from previous posts I think I'm reaching the end of the destroyers in house.  These are 5 allied N class destroyers plus another radar blip dummy counter to represent an unknown sighting.  The models are all CinC, 5 are J/K/N class and the sixth is a spare "L" AA type.  CinC sells these in packs of 5, but there were only 4 in this particular configuration so spare one became a dummy counter.

Given the mess ups over the L/ M class, the next batch of Royal Navy destroyers went back to the successful J/ K class design.  They did manage to fix he one odd feature so that the rear "X" mount now was able to fire astern.   None of these ships served in the Royal Navy during WW2 although a couple did RN service after the war.  Five were manned by the RAN, two by the Dutch Navy and one by the exiled Polish Navy.

HMAS Napier, Nestor, Nizam and Norman split their service between the Med and the Indian Ocean before heading to the Far East in 1944.  I've tried my hand at period camo again, including a couple with a tan base which was effective against the North African coast. Nestor was sunk off Crete in 1942 and was the only RAN ship never to serve in Australian Waters.  HMAS Nizam was named for the Last Nizam of Hyderabad  who paid for her.  That's how you roll when you're the richest man in the world.  

ORP Piorun served both in the Atlantic and the Med.  She was one of the destroyers who engaged the Bismarck at night prior to the Bismarcks' final battle.  She is said to have sent the signal "I am a Pole" by signal lamp prior to engaging.

That is 6 hulls of 1/2400 scale ships for another 12 points, which also count in my Naval Side Duel.  There are more ships to come but I'll have to join Mr Peabody in the Wayback machine to go back a few centuries.


The Cap'n likes these, oh yes he does! In fact, there is a local memorial service for NIZAM in a few weeks time which I am attending. In her spirit I grant a bonus points for each RAN vessel you have delivered here today - 16 points for you Peter!

Cap'n Wednesday

Monday, June 14, 2021

AHPC L Class Destroyers

Another four Royal Navy destroyers from my WW2 med theatre project, these representing the four L class destroyers armed with 4" AA guns as main armament.  All four ships served in the Med and were lost there between January and May 1942.  HMS Lance and HMS Lively were part of force K with HMS Aurora and HMS Penelope, which had some notable successes in its brief history.

The design history of the L/M class destroyers had a number of bumps that were unfortunately matched by my attempt to proceed models for the ships.  Fresh not the heels of the highly successful J/K class of destroyers, the naval design team decided to do what all designers do and improve a good thing by changing to a new main armament.  The new 4.7" gun fired a bigger shell, had some high angle capability and had an improved gun house.  But it never worked as an effective AA gun and and the director was overweight giving structural issues.  Simulatenoulsy the RN had an internal bun fight over the best light AA guns for destroyers, and the class was initially designed without any light AA while this was sorted out.  As a result four of the "L" class were given 8 4" AA guns in stead of the 6 4.7" of the other 12 L&M classes. 

HMSs Lively, Lance, Legion and Gurkha.  I need to redo the label on HMS Legion as it badly smudged.

So onto the model issues.  GHQ does not do either an L or M class destroyer but CinC does three different ones!  One is clearly an M class with the 4.7" mounts - these were big enough that the Italians thought the ships were cruisers on first meeting- but there are two labeled L class AA.  I ordered a pack of 5 based on what I could see on the website  and had these prepped and primed for the start of the challenge.  However, when I opened Mal Wright's excellent book on Naval Camouflage I noted that the rear guns mounts on the models didn't match the pictures in the book.  This likely wouldn't bother anyone else but having researched and ordered models to fit particular ships it bothered me.  So I went bak to the CinC webstore and ordered the other pack of L class AA destroyers which do look like the pictures i the book and those are what I've shown above.  I can't figure out what the other casting is supposed to represent but it sure as heck ain't an L class destroyer.  These casts became some of my greyscale unidentified sightings along with the extra correctly modelled L class, since CinC sells these in a pack of 5 and there were only 4 ships.


Challengers who paid attention while watching Sesame Street will note that Gurkha does not start with an L.  The ships was originally to be named HMS Larne but this was changed in honour of the tribal class destroyer lost in 1941.  The Gurkha regiments did a crowd fund to pay for the ship and command was given to the brother of an officer in the Gurkhas.

Excuse the ramblings, but to sum up that is 8 points for 4 hulls in 1/2400 which also count towards my Naval Side duel efforts.