Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Quick Post

It's been a week since my last post, as real life is getting in the way of gaming and blogging.

I was off in Saskatoon over the weekend as my daughter was in the Provincial High School Honour Band.  Toontown got a big dump of snow on the 2nd, and I was glad to have the Subaru and even more glad that my wife insisted I put snow tires on both vehicles.  However, the minutes spent in a narrow up hill ramp watching an SUV and a bus slip down hill towards me were stressful enough!

I stopped in at Dragon's Den and picked up some modelling tools, having been inspired by Steven Page and Spike's efforts over at Old Admirals.  I am hoping to have some more Spanish American War warships rolling down the slipways soon.  I am also eying the Sino-Japanses war.

I also stopped at McNally Robinson, ok many times over three days, including dinner at the restaurant.  Right now I'm reading Charles Townshend's book on the Mesopotamian campaigns in WW1.  History buffs note, the author shares the name of the general who surrendered at Kut but is not related.  So far it's a good read with lots of good connections to modern times.  Years back Wargames Illustrated or Miniature Wargames ran an article by Richard Brooks on gaming this campaign.  I'll have to dig it out since Richard's articles and rules are all ways worth a read and inspiring.

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  1. I am looking forward to your fleet acquisitions, Peter.