Wednesday, May 26, 2021

AHPC Williamite Wars in Ireland in 10mm

New year, new project, new scale (mostly), new era (mostly).   If the title has left you at se at bit, it's a reference to one of the early challenges.  So far back in the primordial mists of time that it was before I worked out that I lived only 1km away from the Snowlord!  On that particular challenge Ray had a tremendous come from behind victory largely on the strength of pulling a never ending stream of Fresh cavalry regiments from the Nine Years' War out of his backside in the final week.  Fear not perky if un-balanced Stewardess I'm not planning anything like that.

Leveson's Dragoons Dismounted 

This is the first regiment from a new project on the Williamite War in Ireland, aka the Nine Year's War, aka the War of the League of Augsburg, aka the War of British Succession, aka the events that caused all of those divisive Orange Order marches during the Troubles.  I am planning to use the League of Augsburg Beneath the Lily Banners/War of Three Kings Rules using Pendraken's excellent 10mm range.

This was my not first time painting 10mm, but it's been over 20 years and there's a big difference between lace wars and desert rats in this scale!  These are 16 dismounted dragons representing Leveson's Regiment from the the English army (later these became the 3rd Kings Hussars).   In BLB these fight as loss order troops dismounted or as second rate cavalry mounted, and look to be very useful on table top.  I've used a flintlock firing line pack plus a drummer and an officer cribbed from a pikeman figure.

I was very impressed with the Quality of the Pendraken figures.  Barry Hilton tells me that there are the same sculpts as the 28mm ones he sells as Warfare Miniatures just shrunk.  Working in a different scale is always a learning experience, but that's what life should be.  It was mostly a matter of working out what worked, what doesn't and what you can cheat on (which in 10mm is a lot).  Overall I'm right chuffed about the results, but I've left myself room for improvement.  I also need to work a bit on basing.  The unit late is colour coded Orange for the Williamite side, but the  photo makes it look too yellow so I'll darken the next set up a bit. 

Points wise I am continuing to erode away at my target at a snail's pace.  This week's death by paper cut damage is 16 figures @1 point a pop for 10mm = 16 points.  Heck that's the same value as 8 1/2400 battleships! 

Not another person infected by this rate everyone will be going Donkeybrook! Very nice work on these little chaps.



  1. I hate to say it but these look great, even blown up a bit on the screen and bet they look even better in person.

    Over 20 years? Yes, I seem to recall the 1st Gulf War raging on the news behind me while I painted 10mm Afrika Corps tanks...

    1. I was reall6 pleased with the end results. The simplicity of the uniforms helps here.