Tuesday, May 11, 2021

AHPC Lumberjills

Another pair of Lumberjills from Bad Squiddo.  Lovely sculpts in 28mm they were a joy to pose and paint and very realistically done.  This is a three part casting, with the two lumberjills and the the log each being separate.  The hand of one Jill is cast on the saw and fits nicely into a socket on her arm so easily that even I couldn't mess it up. 

This set, like many of the figures in the range. is based on a wartime photo as shown below.  It's an obviously posed phot for propaganda purposes but the overall effect is good.  

 Points wise that's two 28mm figures for 10 points plus I believe 20 points for the Sorceress plus a teleportation back to the Aquifer please.

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