Thursday, June 24, 2021

AHPC Another ATA Flyer for the Sorceress (25 points)

I need to make my way from the Hall of heroes to the Snowlord's Treasury.  I will enlist the aid of the local Sorceress and this ATA pilot from Bad Squiddo Games.

 I had previously posted the other ATA pilot.  This lady is less glamorous and looks equipped for a long flight, possibly a Trans-Atlantic one.  Another great figure, but differentiating the different earth tones was a challenge for me.  

Bags of character on these figures.  She like she's of a certain vintage and tough as nails.  I expect that she could drink Churchill's gallant few under the table.  The texture on her face looked a bit grainy in some shots.  I suspect that's down to my bad priming rather than casting issues and these packs were very nicely moulded and cast.

That's my first use of the Sorceress' services on the third level so I beehive that makes 25 points (5 for the figure plus 20 for the Sorceress).

I love all the gear she is lugging - very thematic, and you've done a great job with the appropriately drab palette. Nice one Peter!

Cap'n Wednesday