Saturday, May 14, 2022

Painting Challenge Wrap Up

  End of the 12th challenge and time to sum up.  And unlike prior years' I've actually got my stuff together to post my wrap up before the next Challenge starts!  Here goes.

Wot I did this Challenge

I enjoyed putting this final shot together, as it's easy to forget what you got done over the quarter.  In the end I got a reasonable amount of stuff built, remained mostly focused, got most of what I bought for the challenge completed and found a new project.  Not a bad result at all.  I worked through COVID and the annual getting older grumpiness (I turned 60 on the Ides of March).  

This all included:

  • A dark age/early medieval ring fort
  • A ruin for dark age/early medieval historicals or RPGs
  • A bunch of dark age/early medieval characters and baddies
  • A bunch of forest fauna suitable for most eras
  • The last (I think) of the lovely Bad Squiddo Women of WW2 kickstarter
  • A couple of SYW civilians

Goofball in chief.  I never take good photos.

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