Friday, April 13, 2012

Will the Patient Live?

The latest update from the I-hospital - the new hard drive is fine but there is likely a problem with the cable.  A new one is due to arrive today and fingers are crossed.  I saw the patient yesterday and got my files for my classes this term (finals are on the 17th and 23rd and I need my files to create the exams!).  It's an intermittent problem now as on Wednesday there was no disk to be found but Thursday it was up and running no problem.  In fact when I walked in the shop, the techs were blasting my I-tunes playlist.  I'm sure my Beatles collection has been pirated!

Tuesday I bought a new MacBook (it was my primary university computer).  At first I thought that I over-reacted but now I'm not so sure.  She's a beaut!

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