Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hard Drive Saga

Ok so the computer worked when I picked it up last night.  Ok I didn't actually turn it on but two techies said that it was good to go.  But when I turned it on this am I got a white screen of death with a single icon featuring a folder with a question mark.

So, after a couple restarts,  I grab my systems disk and try to boot off of that.  It starts up and wants to install OSX - ok at least it's forward progress even tho the boffins said that they did this yesterday.  Then I get the message that really put the sinking feeling in my stomach.  The install wizard came up with a standard "Please select the drive where you want me to install to the software"  only there are no drives to select from.

So it's back in the shop and I've got the fingers crossed.


  1. Time to buy a PC I would have thought!

    At least check out another repair shop!!


    1. Got the new laptop. I'm hoping that the data can be taken off the old one. It's my main work computer so has all of my course files with finals next week.


  2. Rule Number 2. Turn it on before you leave the shop.....

    Good luck

    1. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. Some lessons have to be repeated more than once!