Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hard Drive is Dead - Long Live the Data

Ok I win the too stupid to live award for the year.  On Saturday morning I fired up the MacBook, updated it's software then rebooted it to finish the install (no this doesn't win me the award).  Only it didn't reboot...it just hung with a white screen and made clicking noises.  The Iboffins tell me that its hard drive failure and that they can put in a new HD and reinstall the operating system...but no idea yet on whether the data can be resurrected.  

Yes you guessed it - there is no backup!!!!  Yes I qualify for the above mentioned award.


  1. Been there, done that, should I send you my award?

    1. Thanks , but I have a closet full of them already!

    2. Take the hard drive out and place it in a sealed plastic bag. Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours, remove and re-install in computer.

      The computer might run long enough for you to copy the data off.

      I have done this twice in my old job and rescued the careers of at least two senior academics.

      Then again it's a Mac, I never had much luck with Macs.

    3. Jim

      I've spoken to the boffins and they've restored the data to the new disk!


    4. Well done the boffins!!

      I'm very pleased for you Peter.


  2. Today there was Scuttle Butt about a killer virus that was unleashed on the Internet, specific to Mac users. This virus messed up a bunch of MAC computers. Peter it might not be your fault after all ... Jeff

    1. Jeff
      Unfortunately it's a hardware issue not malware, I've spoken to the techs and the HD was on it's last legs. I caught and cured my desktop of the virus earlier this year.

      I won't take the fall for the problem, but I was really stoopid not have backed up!