Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ok time to think what I need for Wascanastan (my imaginary nation subbing for the 2nd afghan war).

Wasacanastan is a independent state Northeast of Peshawar vaguely in the same area as Chitral and Gilgit.  There is a British Imperial polical and commercial interests, requring a residency.

Obviously it's a mountainous country with some swift running rivers and some lakes.  We tend to think of this area as being arid semi desert but Wikipedia articles show that there's some forests and greener pastures in the mountains (Peiwar Kotal was fought in a forest for instance).  The GWR (greater Wascanastan Railway) poerates but the mountains and lakes require a steamboat to reach teh residency. My model here is as follows.

This is Waterton Lake Alberta, no where near the Northwest Frontier but part of the Nowest Territories 100 years ago!  A big long lake in high mountains close up on arid foothills in the middle of a large continent - sounds familiar doesn't it.  The far end of the lake is in Montana and there was a steamboat that used to run rich Yankees up to a very post hotel from a Great Northern Railway station the other side of the border.


  1. Hi Peter,

    Lovely pictures old chap! I was initially quite concerned about the 'green' aspect of the terrain for the Roghan Valley but as you rightly say - there is plenty of it about which is just as well as I have the green Hexon tiles!

    I am looking forward to the further adventures of the Wascanastan Field Force!

    All the best,


    1. DC

      yes there's plenty of brown and khaki too, but a quick search for images shows that there's a lot of green (at least when the photos were taken). I'm looking forward to activities in the Roghan valley - you've inspired me to haul these guys out again.