Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wasanastan Field Force

Ok, now that I have a working computer, I am able to blog again back on track.  Here's what I was able to find in the rubbermaid.

Colonial Forces Painted

  • 29 Gordon highlanders including officers and piper
  • 13 78th Highlanders (Rosshire Buffs) including officer and piper
  • 15 Seaforth Highlanders (in trews) including officers and drummer
  • 5 riders from the 9th Lancers including officer
  • 26 Sikhs (all painted as 15th Sikhs but half in khaki and half in scarlet) including fifers and drummer
  • 13 Madras Pioneers including officer
  • 6 Bengal Lancers including officer
  • 14 Ghurkas including officer and bugler
  • 2 British artillery crews with 7pdr MLR
  • 1 British artillery crew with Gatling gun
  • 1 Sikh gun crew with mountain gun
  • Various adventurers, loose (sorry unattached) officers, sailors and nurses
  • Transport units including mules, camels, heffalumps and water bearers

Native Forces Painted

  • 3 units of 12 regular infantry regiments including officers and musicians
  • 7 units of irregular tribal infantry with mixed jezails, muskets, rifles and spears including officers and musicians
  • 2 regular artillery crews with Armstrong BLRs
  • 2 tribal artillery crews with ancient smooth bores (ex dwarves bombards with faces on the muzzles)
  • 9 mounted tribesmen (on horses)
  • Various tribal elders and women folk
  • Camel transport

Unpainted Figures
  • 17 highlanders including piper (hello afghan highland guard!)
  • 6 Bengal lancers
  • 25 pathan tribesmen (a 50:50 mix of minifies and foundry so two units)
  • 32 egyptian regular infantry (set to become afghan regulars or Bengal infantry in Kilmarnocks)
  • 12 Fuzzy-Wuzzies (uhh... ghazi fanatics?!?)
  • 1 gun team with limber
  • 10 mounted tribesmen (foundry figures thanks to Rossmac)
  • More transport camels!

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  1. Looks like you've plenty to go at! Nice to have you back online again.