Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Interesting Naval Post

Naval Warfare is one of the blogs I follow.  Today's post covers the USS Idaho and Mississippi - but not perhaps the ones you're thinking of!  This pair was sold to the Greek Navy just prior to WWI.

By my reckoning, the pair could be factored into the following conflicts

  • Pre-dreadnought era what ifs (they originally appeared in White and Buff)
  • Balkan Wars what of (assuming the sale took place in 1912 not 1914)
  • World War I
  • Post War Greek-Turkey Wars
  • World War II (ok one was disarmed but what if...)
I think that they'd look right at home in the Fezian and Rusland Navies.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    This pair will feature in the navy of Epiria at some point - i always liked the cage masts.

    Thank you for thinking of me - and giving a little substance to another navy....;-)

    All the best,