Thursday, April 11, 2013

El Cid Game - Part The Second

In our continuing saga, the Christian Spanish are trying to force a river crossing before the Andalusian reinforcements arrive.

Hmm, I do need to replace the missing spears and lances ...

Stacy's militia cavalry has pushed back the moorsih horse defending the bridge.  Sylvain has turned his mercenary crossbow to give flanking fire.

Yes I need to work on the spears....

Sylvain brings up a unit of infantry to block the exit from the bridge

This is going to be ugly!!

Close captioning provided by Curt to help those unfortunates who are hard of figuring our the blindingly obvious.  Note the amount of blood shed in this fight.

Stay tuned for the next instalment, to see how it all turned out - or not as none of us can remember who won.


  1. Oh! and here I thought you added realism by portraying some figures as having just thrown their spears!

    1. Yeah - that's what I meant to say!


  2. Fabulous looking game, particularly the fist shaking Spanish. ;)