Sunday, April 7, 2013

Recent Gaming

Our group has had a couple of games of late.
Two weeks ago, we had a Hail Caesar game using my El Cid troops.  A battle report will appear when Curt (prod, prod) sends me the photos he took.  I've been patient with the lad since he was dealing with the last frantic rush of the Painting challenge and new puppies at the same time.

This weekend we had a visit from the Mad Padre.  I missed the Friday night grey scale WW1 game unfortunately due to unexpected family events.  I regrettably also had to pass on the Saturday aft toy soldier game due to scheduling conflicts- one day I have to see John's stuff on table.

Saturday evening we went to Med for WW2 naval and fought the battle of Savos (transplanted from Guadalcanal).  I think Pics and write up will follow from Mike.

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