Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Ramparts and Ditch at Castle Douglas

Reports of Spring are so far greatly exaggerated in Regina, although we supposed to hit +6C this weekend.  I am hoping for a long slow melt off to minimize the flooding.  Here's three shots of our snow banks for posterity's sake.  I've included my daughter as a handy benchmark - she's 5'7" tall.
The walk up to our front steps (around a corner behind the daughter).  I have shovelled the snow off the roof (from up top) once and raked it clear (from the ground) several times.  Note the ice dam along the roof edge - our's is much smaller than others thanks to my snow clearing.

Basically Katie's in the same spot but it's a different angle looking towards the street.  The pile beside the driveway is one of the largest on the street and safely conceals our two vehicles from the right angle.  The house across the street has some nasty ice dams.

The big pile from the driveway side.  Again the benchmark is 5'7" so I'd guess that the pile is close to 6'.  I've knocked the top off it a couple of times.  The foot prints in the pile are from where I climbed up so that I could get a better angle for raking the snow off of the roof.


  1. Wow! That's some serious snow. These are similar to photos I've seen from when my grandmother's family lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan 100+ years ago.

    Best Regards,


  2. Personally, I'm trying to avoid mental images of the photos I've seen of the aftermath of the Donner Party's last camp!


  3. With a few tunnels, your snow banks could be the ideal set up for a 1:1200 submarine hunt scenario. Quick, let's act before the snow starts melting!

    1. Sylvain
      Tell you what - I'll hide the submarine and you can hunt for it while I enjoy my coffee from inside.


  4. We have the same issue here in Sherwood Park just outside of Edmonton however things are starting to melt. Plus 10 today. Here comes the flood!