Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Crossing Point - Conclusion?

Here are the remaining photos from our recent (or not recent enough to remember completely) El Cid game.   The chronicles are hazy on the end result, but the pictorial evidence seems to indicate an Aragonese victory.

The Aragonese column approaches the bridge.  The Caballeros Villanos are clearly showing the scars from their combat on the bridge.  But there are two units of Hidalgos waiting to take up the struggle.  Stacy had a lot of problems with poor activation rolls here trying to get the proud nobles in take orders!

This time the Hidalgos come over the bridge with more in support.  The Zaragosans are also hurting after their clash with the Villanos.

As the sign says....

Here the charge swept away the Zaragosan horse and has closed with Frankish mercenary foot.

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