Friday, April 6, 2012

Wascanastan - The Forces

Ok it's memory test time.  Let's see what I can remember about what's in the rubbermade...

The Imperial Forces
The dream list goes as follows

  • Highlanders (have 2 regiments in kilts and one in trews)
  • Sikhs (at least one regiment, possibly two)
  • Gurkhas (one unit)
  • Bengal lancers (none painted as yet)
  • Sikh mountain battery (at least one)
  • Other Indian infantry (a unit of Pioneers)
  • British cavalry (one unit)
  • Non-Scottish British infantry (none as yet, the intended regiment got trews instead of trousers and I'm not sure they are needed)
  • British artillery (yes)
  • Exotic transport (elephants, camels and mules)
  • A steam boat and train

Native Forces
Again the list goes as such.  This is based on readings of the Sikh and Afghan wars.

  • native regular infantry (2-3 regiments, using Partha Egyptians and Sudanese, plus it turns out I have enough Highlanders unpainted to add a Highland guard unit as the Imperials certainly don't need more Scots!)
  • regular artillery (should out gun the Imperial forces)
  • a few regular cavalrymen (I'm eying Perry ACW plastics for these)
  • scads of irregulars on foot (check!)
  • mounted tribesmen (check!)
  • tribesmen with artillery (an ex Partha dwarf bombard!)
  • A fortress and walled town

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