Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Light at the end of the Tunnel?

It's end of term and I've got 5 days to mark 120+ first year calculus exams.  Meanwhile it's 24C outside and a beautiful sunny day.  On the plus side I rode my bike to the Uni for the first time since the fall and it'll be over by the weekend (at which point my wife will produce THE LIST).


  1. My list is completed so now its get the suspension finished on the eldest sons car. I did get into the man cave briefly today. We only had 12C and some rain.

    1. Ok I am jealous, but then again no one will ever ask me to fix anything on a car beyond replacing the wipers. My wife once got a birthday card that read "I would have got you something impractical, but you already have a husband".

  2. I am willing to bet, that there will be no miniature purchases, painting or gaming on said List.

  3. Might this be the "Honey Do!" list to which you refer? I just returned a bunch of papers this morning and received yet another batch (Sigh). The final versions come in about two weeks during finals week. . . Why? WHY?

    Best Regards,


  4. Stokes

    That would be the list. We finish up much earlier north of the Medicine Line. Last day of exams is April 27th and I've had exams for both my classes. My marks need to be in 5 days after the exam (29th in this case).

    I don't envy the Arts prof like you who have to wade knee deep through the BS to find the nuggets. At least math is mostly right or wrong.