Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review of Spring 2012 Plans

Spring Plans Revisited

In going back over 2012, I found this list of plans from March.  Let's see how they (literally) played out.   Original plans in italics  with updates and ccommentary in bold type.
OK, the signs are all there.  The snow is almost all gone, there are Robins in the back yard and snow geese on Wascana, I am thinking about what final exam questions to use, I am contemplating getting on my bike.  Yep it must be spring.  And that means the time of the year (given 4 months with no classes to teach) when I can stop dreaming and start playing.

So here goes, with this year's list of gaming/hobby objectives

  1. Clear up the basement so that I can set up a wargames table.  EPIC FAIL!  Now on the winter 2013 list of "honey -dos" and not so that I can set up a war-game table!
  2. Make it to the monthly games nights and run a few miniatures games.  EPIC WIN!!  I did make several months' gaming events in a row, and then found a better set of options gaming with Curt and crew on an almost weekly basis - with miniatures.
  3. Use my 1:2400 WWII and/or 1:3000 WWI Naval ships.  WIN!  I organized my WW2 fleets and played one game (sitrep) with plans for more.  Given the feedback on my recent painting in the challenge, I should be able to convince the lads to play another soon.
  4. Play some table top teaser (TTT) type games.  WIN!  I did run a few games using scenarios from the Charles S. Grant books (see the El Cid and Wascanastan games).
  5. Finish off the FIW figures.  FAIL!  But I got distracted.....
  6. Complete more Peninsula War plastics.  Uhhh WIN, no FAIL, ummm I DUNNO.  OK the planned Pennisula campaign was still born even before I saw Curt's impressive and very well painted collection.  However, it morphed into an 1812 idea and I did do several new units for 1812.  Let's call it the Niagara Peninsula War and call it a win!
  7. Do up some good terrain pieces.  FAIL!  No new pieces, but I did find my missing river, orange groves and other nice bits for El Cid.
  8. Re-visit the Span-Am war!  EPIC Win!  OK one game doesn't seem like much, but those ships have been waiting up to 14 years to see action (I started them in the Centennial Year) and the Span-Am war was my oroginal theme on the blog so I am taking full credit.

Well that's enough for now.  We'll see how many of these play out before the Fall term starts in September.

To sum up I make it 5/8 on the original list with a Austerlitz style win on playing miniatures game and the worst result being the basement which looks more like an Eylau than a Leipzig!


  1. Peter I know the feeling about best laid plans however the nice part is we have a hobby and a dream. All the best to you and your family in 2013 ...Jeff

    1. Happy 2013 to you and yours too Jeff


  2. I think that's a respectable outcome - given your unerring ability (which I share) to distract yourself!

    1. Squirrel!!

      Hey in this case I got distracted by real life face to face miniatures games - I think I played more in 2012 than in the prior 10 years.


    2. There are worse distractions. Like that 'real life' I keep hearing about.....