Friday, January 25, 2013

One Grain More

This is a goofy and clever video that appeals to me as someone who is both a celiac and has seen live productions of Les Miz several times and on several stages, including London's West End and the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.  In fact every time I hear the people sing, I get the urge to don the red braided waistcoat, grab the flag and man the barricades. 

I should point out that several of the products they are using may be wheat free, but are not gluten free.  personally, I go for purchased GF baking mostly as it's quality has greatly improved.  Besides, the last time we tried to bake a loaf of bread we needed to buy a new bread maker after ward.  The dough rose up out of the loaf pan like the Thing looking for victims.  As for the breads and such that my mum baked when I was a kid, well I've tried in vain to suppress those memories.

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