Friday, January 4, 2013

HMS Renown

Three photos of HMS Renown c1917.  Curt has better ones over at Analogue Hobbies.

These were part of the grab bag that I acquired from Sylvain.  Although CinC lists these as WW2 models, they in fact represent the Renown and Repulse as built in 1916-7!  Even in WW1 these two went into dock for upgrades so often that they were dubbed HMS Refit and Repair.  The fact that they were armoured on the same level as the I class battlecruisers that had blown up at Jutland didn't help their reputations either!  Between the wars they became very different ships - in fact they were far more valuable fleet units when 20 years old then when they were brand new.   The CinC casting is a complete failure for WW2 but works very well for WW1.  In fact I think they are the only 1:2400 models of these ships for WW1.


  1. Actually, I was fascinated by the colour scheme. Is it the camera throwing off the colour or are they really as represented here?

    1. Not sure what you mean by the colour shame - it's just battleship grey with teak decks. I suspect it's my faulty camera work. Check out the link to Curt's site for a better pic.