Sunday, January 6, 2013

Naval SITREP 1941

With Sylvain and I pumping out the WW2 Naval models, we gave  some thought to a naval game next week.  I volunteered to put together a scenario, with the aim of getting our new kit on table without overcrowding it in Naval Gotterdammerung.  I wanted to field our stuff in a scenario that made sense historically, gave a good game with strategic objective and let us field a reasonable amount of new kit without overloading the table, players and ump.

So here 's what I came up with.

  • It's the dark days of early 1941 when plucky Britain is fighting the Hun on its own.  Churchill sends a bunch of much needed kit (Matildas, Spitfires, troops etc) in a convoy bound for the Med.
  • German forces based in Brest will try and intercept if off of Spain.  Forces can include the Scharnhorst, Hipper and Deutschland classes (except for ships already sunk).  Sorry Sylvain, no Bismarck (either working up, sinking the Hood or sunk), Tirpitz (still being completed) or Graf Zeppelin (in its permanent state of needing another 18 months to be completed).  Their Light Cruisers and destroyers are too light for long range ocean work.
  • The RN has a close escort group of DDs and other escorts which are great against U Boats and planes, but lousy vs. heavy ships.
  • The RN also has units of the Med (and or Home) fleets in the area.
  • No U-boats are available to avoid the danger of friendly fire.  
  • Land based are is unlikely but possible (long range) for both sides.  Carrier based air may be available.
  • Seriously disabled ships will likely be sunk by U-boats (if RN) or air and surface forces (if KM).

Kreigsmarine Victory Condition Priorities
  1. Avoid damage to the heavy ships (CAs and above).
  2. Stop the convoy from getting through.
  3. Sink enough RN ships to give it a bloody nose and gain bragging rights.

Royal Navy Victory Condition Priorities
  1. Get the convoy through (mostly) intact.
  2. Sink the KM heavy ships.
  3. Avoid losses to RN ships.

To encourage aggression, if both sides achieve their #1 priority (i.e. the KM runs away) the RN wins a major victory.  Naval Armageddon leading to no ships afloat on either side leads to a draw - the Germans win short term by preventing the convoy from getting through but the Brits win long term as they can have less German surface units to worry about and can reallocate forces.

We'll let Curt run the RN, Sylvain the KM, Stacy take a role on either side as seems fit and I'll act as ump, heckler and source of random annoyances.  I'll also run the Green forces (to use the Grant Teaser term) - i.e. the merchantmen and any land based air.

Sound good?


  1. I shall be following this with great nterest!

  2. Hi Peter,

    This is a ripe area for naval operations simply because of the disparity in forces gives either side some very different problems.

    Like Mr Gow (and for reasons that will become obvious in due course!) I shall be watching this with great interest as well!

    All the best,