Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year in Review

If the readers will forgive the indulgence, I thought I would do a recap of the year.  Looking back through blog posts, the gaming highlights were as follows.

As the year started, I was still a solo gamer, the basement gaming space was on hold following 2011's basement dig out and I was looking for ideas.

  1. In March, I had a lot of fun with Bluebear Jeff's scenario challenge  leading to the (as yet unplayed) Barolo campaign.
  2. In late March and early April I held a poll to help me to pick a solo campaign to play out.  The people spoke and Wascanastan was the winner. Like most of my solo plans, this was shelved in the light of emerging events.  Unlke most of my solo plans, the emerging events involved face to face game with real live gamers!
  3. I managed to make the monthly games nights several months running in the spring, playing a lot of board games and especially 1812.
  4. In June I hooked up with Curt and his sidekicks Sylvain and Stacy- gamers I had encountered first on the internet but who lived within a short walk from home.
  5. I probably played more face to face miniatures games in 2012 than in the previous 10 years!  Periods played (indoors) include Weird WW1, Napoleonics (Food for Powder), WW2 Naval (GQ111), 6mm Nappys (FPGA), WW2 (Bolt Action), Napolenoic Naval (Trafalgar modified), Spanish Civil War (Squad Actione?), Micro Armour Space Invaders (Spearhead), El Cid (Hail Caesar), Colonials in Wascanastan (MacDuff), Spanish American War (YES!!!) (Fire When Ready).
  6. A late summer trip to visit family and friends in Nova Scotia allowed me to link up with old gaming buddies RossMac and Ron for a game of Battle Cry Colonials.
  7. I lost a hand to hand melee with a cabbage.
  8. Sylvain took us out of our comfort zone and we played a Fletcher Pratt style naval game in the park.  This was a big hit around the globe and apparently inspired Tim Gow to do the same in the UK when the weather warms up enough for him!  
  9. I continued to amaze the family by connecting with gamers across the globe and across the street!  My favourite comment came from my wife who noted that we had "done the impossible and out weirded the Brits" by playing with ships in the park!


  1. Hi Peter,

    I should point out that number 9 is impossible....;-)

    All the very best to you and yours for 2013,


  2. I have to agree with DC about point 9. But you're welcome to keep trying!

    Best wishes

  3. David and Tim

    That sounds like a challenge!


  4. Bring it on! But just remember the inflatable Vulcan........