Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hail Caesar Action in Espana c 1084 Part the First

It's been a busy period with 4 social engagements in 8 knights, plus it was last full week of classes and we were Christmas shopping - I have slower years than last week!  So after a cocktail party last week end, Thursday night at the theatre (Wizard of Oz), and Friday night at the Symphony (Tafelmusik, an excellent Canadian Baroque Orchestra) - I regressed and devolved back to my geeky/troglodyte roots and went wargaming with two goofballs (Curt and Sylvain).

We used my El Cid period Moors and Christians and the Hail Caesar rules.  The scenario was the first from the Warhammer "Age of Arthur" book - I know that WAB has its haters and I am no fun of the Evil Empire, but it gave me good games and the resource books were excellent.  There was a shallow  river across the board, crossable everywhere at a penalty but with a bridge and a ford representing victory points.  Each side had 3 cavalry, 2 infantry and 2 light infantry units, the Christians having heavier cavalry and the Moors being stronger in light cavalry and bought better foot troops.

Photos below courtesy (or Curt-esy) of Curt.

The table set up: wine, room, table top, Hotz mat and hills supplied by Curt.  Figures and terrain supplied by me - I was happy to find my orange grove and medieval keep in a basement clean up.  Aragonese to the fore and Zaragozans in the distance.

Moorish set up, self in background.

Ditto - but gives lies to the claims that I cannot take instructions (Curt asked me to smile).

Aragonese deployment

Close up of the Aragonese

The Christians advance in quite orderly fashion (so far).


  1. What a splendid way to spend an afternoon!

    1. Michael

      It was an evening actually, but yes it was splendid.