Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Analogue Painting Challenge - WW2 Convoy

I finished up a set of 11 WW2 merchantmen while watching the Dr. Who Christmas special this morning.  These are 1:2400 resin casts from Panzerschiffe - a large range of solid, workman like ships that covers many ships not available otherwise.  I find them too crude for warships but the 2 packs of merchantmen I picked up were tremendous value for money.

They come cast in battleship grey with a blackened funnel cap, and could be used straight up.  for a while, I considered drilling holes and adding masts and cranes (using wire and GHQ spares) but in the end I opted for a utilitarian approach and painted them as is.  And yes, I repainted the grey, then added layers of washes to simulate rust and grime.

The photos include 3 Hunt class DDEs which predate the painting challenge so shouldn't be counted.  As for the point value, I will leave that to our moderator and chief judge Curt.


  1. Up periscope..... What a lovely target!

  2. I can just picture the little seamen out chipping the ice and frozen spray from the masts and railings and brrrrrrrr. May they come to safe harbour.

    1. Ross

      Ah but they are destined for the Med - warm blue skies full of Stukas!