Friday, December 14, 2012

Always A Busy Time of Year...

This blog has been quiet for a while now, due a very busy month.  I had 120 first year stats exams to mark this week.  That's been completed and the marks entered, and it's basically all over but for the crying.  Next week I have an ActSci course writing an exam, but there's only 16 students and their papers will be much easier to grade.  Oh yeah and Christmas is around the corner, with my mother in law due in the middle of next week.

Last week Curt put on a Napoleonic game using Fast Play Grande Armee and using 6mm troops, which I have to say I greatly enjoyed.  This was my first game with FPGA (or any of Sam Mustafa's games) and I will be playing a more.  I am still not  fan of 6mm troops (no comments on my decreasing vision), but the game was good.  Sylvain and I were the French a British force on the retreat to Corunna.  It was a close run thing but we beat Stacy's brits.


  1. Ha! I've just wrapped up reading and assigning grades for my final batch of papers. I'll submit course grades online tomorrow or Sunday, And then there's a translation to see to, a new syllabus to write, two to revise, blah, blah, blah. . . It never seems to end, does it?

    Best Regards,


    1. Stokes
      I am jealous, but I am glad that I got the hard course out of the way first. And the good news is that I taught both of the classes that I've been assigned for the Winter Term just last year. Last year I had to create one from scratch. Of course I have a ton of reading that I'm supposed to get through in advance of the PhD I am supposed to start next fall...


    2. No more pictures of chickens instead of answers? I am disappointed! ;-)

    3. Rosbif

      No nothing like that. I did have a student who linked a question on the exam to a (relevant) quote from Hulk Hogan, and he also linked his expected grade to his hours of study (a regression question on the final).