Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SYW on the 1:1 Scale

I was trying to find shots of my daughter's Jamestown project, but instead stumbled on shots from our family vacation to Louisbourg c 2006.
The view from the King' bastion towards the Dauphin demi-bastion
This shot shows some of the building challenges of building in Cape Breton - the terrain is either solid granite or cranberry bog.  In times of siege, the Governor would be well advised to fix the ditch and covered way, although historical maps of the sieges show that the walls were exposed at this spot due to the lay of the land.

View from the King's Bastion over the town and out over the harbour mouth.  It shows why the fortress was built - the large well sheltered harbour.  Notice in the distance the island (which had a battery during the sieges) and the lighthouse point on the opposite shore - where Wolfe erected his battery in 1758.

Inside of the curtain wall between the King's and Dauphin bastions.

Inside the King's bastion - Companie Franche and Cannonniere Bombardier coming out for a demo.

The main block was the largest building in North America at the time.  The palisade was meant not to keep the redcoats out but to keep the goats and pigs in!

Musket volley!

Coming up on to the ramparts.


  1. Hi Peter,

    Any more shots of this? Wonderfully evocative view over the town and out to sea.

    All the best,


  2. DC

    I do have other pictures of Louisbourg, but from previous visits in the Kodachrome era. I'll dig some out and scan them. In 1995 my wife and I went to the Grand Encampment featuring SYW re-enactors from across North America. It was the first time that Louisbourg held such and event and it was massive! I can recommend that you spend some time on the fortress website

    Or better yet plan a visit -it's like Disneyland for wargamers!


  3. Excellent Pictures thanks for posting this ... Jeff