Monday, February 6, 2012

SYW/FIW French Infantry

Here's some shots of my 25mm SYW troops, the French regiments stationed at Louisbourg in 1758.  They are blurry, as I am still learning how to use the new cam for close up work.  I would have reshot them last night but Lynne came home from book club earlier than I expected!

Cambis Regiment (RAFM)

Artois regiment (RAFM figures in waistcoats)

Bourgogne on the right (RAM) and Voluntaires Etranger on the left (OG, from the 1745 range)

Compangnie Franche (fielded as a line battalion) plus artillery (all RAFM)

French staff reassure the women folk (who look more than capable of looking after themselves), while scruffier elements of the French forces lurk nearby


  1. Hi Peter,

    That looks like a fine collection! The FIW is one of those periods I really should give some attention to - trouble is whenever I get an urge for SYW the war in India always gets in the way!

    I note that Wargames Factory (I think) have some really nice looking greens of some generic Indian troops from Plassey onwards....Mmmmmmmm!!

    What rules are you thinking of?

    All the best,


  2. DC

    The SYW is one of the few Indian eras that I haven't been tempted by (I have a 2nd afghan war army and had a WW2 Indian division, and have been tempted by Wellesley's campaigns, Sikh Wars, the Mutiny and WW1 in Mesopotamia).

    As for rules, I based them for Black Powder, and will likely try these, but expect that I'll end up with various incarnations of MacDuff.


  3. An interesting period - albeit one which requires too much painting for me!

  4. Tim

    OK, so you'll take a razor saw to a 1:1200 ship model to turn it into another class (and then paint it when it's complete) but won't take a paint brush to a 28mm figure requiring no assembly?


  5. Well some of the Indians need weapons glued into hands.

    I've always liked the RAFM figures, esp the regulars. My eyes are a bit fuzzy this morning but they look quite good.

  6. Ross

    Your eyes can't be too fuzzy if they spotted the empty hands!


  7. Good looking figures and buildings. Nice to see ... Jeff