Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Photos and New Pages

I've found more Louisbourg photos, and added these to the new "Photos" page (see the link on the right.

It was 1995 my wife was 7 months pregnant, we were living in Halifax and we took a flyer up to Cape Breton as the last adventure BC (before children) for the Grand Encampment.  Parks Canada had no idea how many visitors to expect and it was packed, but they rose to the occasion and it was a great weekend.  We managed to skip most of the lines by good luck - also a pregnant woman is great for queue jumping. 


  1. That time line just doesn't seem right. 1995 was like ..the day before yesterday. Are you sure Katie is up and walking already?

  2. Yes, and every time she walks off to high school I shake my head and wonder how the hell did that happen so fast? Another year at home and then she's off to Uni in 2013.