Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I've Been Reading This Week

It's been old school SYW on the reading shelf....

A classic if there every was one, and the book that sends wargamers off to find their high school geometry sets and then off to the lumber shop imagining reshaping insulation slabs into bastions, curtain walls and ravelins.
These two arrived in the mail this week (fast trans-Atlantic service from Cavalier Books - cheers lads), interrupted my Duffying-about .  The copy of St Michel appears to be a black and white reprint of a colour original, but still an entertaining and thought provoking read.  The Chiraz volume is in full colour splendour.

And then of course there was a new version of MacDuff to read through..

Meanwhile, the FIW/SYW regulars have rebased in groups of 4 ala Black Powder and given flags (mostly from Warflag and Project SYW for les Voluntaire Etrangers and Cambis). 


  1. Not a reprint - the Raid on St Michel was in b&w - a little bit of a shame I thought... the Annexation of St Chiraz was a far better volume - bigger, colour, and slightly cheaper as I remember... DG and I refought the St Michel campaign... I note we still have the last battle to play...

  2. Steve
    Thanks for the info, I just assumed that I was far enough behind the curve that they sold out of an original colour printing. For my money, they are both excellent stuff.