Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Plans for the Christmas Break -FAIL!

Ok so I stupidly posted plans for the break here's what happened:

  • Paint up more 28mm plastic Napoleonics  FAIL (I paint in the living room to keep company with the family and the tree took up too much space)
  • Paint up my 1:1200 scale aircraft to go with the 1:2400 WWII ships FAIL (ditto)
  • Read a bunch of history books (depending on what appears under the tree)  SUCCESS (finished Peter Snow's book Wellington, Terry Wise's classic and part way through the Crimean War by Figues, plus many hours looking at wargaming mags and rules)
  • Tidy up my wargames figures, supplies and terrain (a huge euphemism for something approaching a very specific labour of Hercules) FAIL (I walked ito a nasty head cold on Boxing day, and when I was non-comatose spent my hours  helping my daughter prep for a math exam or doing family stuff)
  • Clean up the basement enough to set up a wargames table and play a couple of solo games (this one is not completely my fault as the basement work required a very hasty shift and dump in the summer)  FAIL (ditto, dust and sinus colds are not a good combination)
  • Clear the family out of a room so that I can use the floor for a solo naval game FAIL (ditto)
  • Give David Crook's portable naval rules a test FAIL (ditto, but thanks for the draft set of rules DC looks good!)
Hmmmm..almost sounds like one of the USSR's five year plans.  I must rewrite this as a success!


  1. My Christmas holiday plan was every bit as successful but I did at least get two great games in last Wednesday.

  2. Hey Peter,
    I had that evil head cold that you are talking about just before Christmas. It sucks. Hope you get over it. I know the feeling about trying to get a lot of modeling done during Christmas break. I failed as well however I did get some reading in and I managed to draft an article for Lone Warrior ... Jeff

  3. So in other words, there is lots of room left for improvement? Luckily, figures don't rot (often).


  4. Thanks all, hopefully January will run better!