Friday, January 13, 2012


Ok how is this for an odd event - a wargamer actually gets distracted by painted figures he already owns.  RossMac's posts about the new/old MacDuff rules had me thinking about my own mostly painted but never used French and Indian Wars forces.

About 10 years back I started a collection based on the campaigns in and around my home province of Nova Scotia.  Since MacDuff mentioned 1759, I went back to see what I had and it goes like this.

  1. 3 metropolitan battalions (Artois, Bourgogne and Cambis) 12-20 strong each
  2. 1 battalion of the Vountaires Etranger (20 strong)
  3. 2 units of the Compagnies Franches each 12 strong (1 as line infantry and the other to represent skirmishers)
  4. about 24 Indians and woodsmen
  5. about 12 sailors representing either the navy crews of the fishing community at Louisbourg
  6. about 16  gunners with various light guns
  1. 3 regiments of foot (royal Scots, 40th and one other) 16-24 strong
  2. 1 regiment of colonial infantry about 16 strong
  3. 1 unit of regular light infantry (about 16)
  4. 1 unit of 6 rangers
  5. about 16 gunners and light artillery pieces
There's also a couple siege guns and a large mortar, and god knows what kicking around in various piles of unpainted lead.


  1. Dear Peter,

    I have but one thing to say - since the figures are done (I can hear their tiny shouts of "Peter, get us out of here and on the table!")go for it. The uniforms can be used in the period from 1740 until the end of the war and both sides can fight rampaging First People as well as each other and their colonial minions.
    My personal preference has always been for this period using the special rules in Brother Against Brother for the period.
    Jerry, the Celtic Curmudgeon

  2. Cedric

    I do expect the boys to hit the table shortly. First steps are to work out exactly what ve got, and then to rebase them.