Friday, January 20, 2012

SYW Project Continues

I've been working on figures this past week, on the approach of working with what I have on hand which tends to be much cheaper, and realistic than dreaming about what lies out in the virtual wargames store.

So, I've dusted off (literally in some case) the French and Indian Wars figures, grouped them into regiments and taken them off their individual washer based and put them on Black Powder (BP) bases.  The plan would be to organize these in standard units of 24 line infantry (6 bases of 4) or 12 lights (6 bases of 2).  Steps involved:
  1. Complete the rebasing of of existing troops, including painting and flocking of bases.  This is well underway and pics fill follow this weekend.
  2. Flush out the undersized French infantry units to the 24 standard size (currently they are between 12 and 20 strong). This will require some new purchases (darn!) but it looks like the RAFM range is still available and still affordable (8 loonies for 6 figures).
  3. Ditto 3 but for the British units, although most are up to strength.
  4. Print off standards and add to the units as required.
  5. Get the boys on the table and have at 'em using either MacDuff, BP or both!

So what type of imaginary campaign do I envision. 

For starters I see actions based on the real life actions in Nova Scotia and area circa 1740-60.  We have two sieges of Louisbourg, raids and counter raids, amphibious assaults, convoy actions.  Toss in the pitched battles at Quebec and St-Foy and it's a war that actually seems based on the CS Grant Scenario books.

Down the road, adding cavalry and more European light troops and moving to Western Germany c1760.  Most of my European foot would work as is, and the companies franche skirmishers can be fielded as the voluntaire picket units.  Plus I'm betting that the Perry French hussars would work given the myriad of options in the box.

We'll see how long I stay on track with this one....


  1. A couple of years ago, I picked up a pamphlet at Beausejour on the 1st siege that included a bit on an action that I hadn't seen mentioned before. There is a little, marshy stream that runs through the valley between Ft Lawrence and Ft Beausejour, not a huge obstacle for infantry but impassible for guns except at the bridge. Perhaps surprisingly, the French had a redoubt defending the bridge. When you get there I can send you some details or you can just take the idea and add it to the list of possible scenario ideas.


  2. Ross

    I'd be interested in seeing it. I was aware of the river crossing (I believe that Parkman mentions it). FYI according to the Project SYW site (see the link below), the French had blown the bridge and the Brits had to build a new one under fire. I doubt there were any specialist engineers on hand so my guess is that they used jack of all trade artillerymen and/or Royal Navy sailors.