Saturday, May 10, 2014

Visiting a Green and Pleasant Land

II just came back from a 10 day trip to the UK to visit my dad (who I had not seen for 4 years).  More details to follow as I sort my brain and photos out but highlights include

  • four days on my dad's yacht (a Bavaria 33, Bavaria being a noted centre of ocean cruising) with stops in Portsmouth harbour (under the walls of Portchester Castle) and Cowes.
  • live theatre at the Chichester Festival with Zoe Wannamaker in "Stevie" with my dad managing to get a mention in the Telegraph review.
  • a trip to the British Museum to see the Vikings exhibit and other wonders
  • a game with Tim Gow of Megablitz (and obscure vehicle and plane) fame for a test game of Funny Cold Wars
I had originally hoped to get together with more gaming contacts but it was a short trip and dad wanted to get as much time on the boat as possible.  Sorry lads, but he's family, has a boat and I don't get much time on the briny blue.  Hopefully next time around.


  1. Good to see you and thanks again for your input with the Little Cold Wars game.

  2. Sailing vs gaming
    A very hard trade-off, but I think you made the right call!

    1. Yeah given that I can game almost every week and sail every 2-4 years, it was an easy call.