Wednesday, May 21, 2014

England's Naval Glory Pt. 3

The last few shots from our Cruise on May 2-5th.

This Victorian era steam launch was tied up in the same Marina in West Cowes.  Lovely craft with white canvas funnel and bright shiny bronze engine bits (I am not an engineer) exposed.  Useful in the iron clad or colonial era for picket duties, landings or as a torpedo launch.  Dad tells me she still runs well and is often out and about in the Cowes area.

Two shots of Calshot Castle one of Henry VIII's shore forts.  It has the classic round shape which is not visible in the this shot.  What is visible is the main sail which shows that we did sail back from Cowes to the Hamble.  The jib halyard proved completed mucked up on inspection in Cowes - with the sail falling at our feet and the halyard at the mast head.  However, the wind was favourable to allow us to sail back under main alone.  The boat was due into the shop any way and dad tells me that the rigging is now mostly fixed.

In my youth Calshot Spit was much more interesting.  There was a light ship moored off the spit, very useful for telling the tidal flows and pretty cool looking too.  She now lies at a marina/condo complex in Southampton.  Better yet there was a flying boat attached to the local sports and rec centre, but sadly long since passed.  Anyone know where she went?

Isle of Wight with yachts and fast Cat.

Returning to the Hamble.  Try counting masts!

Skipper gets us home safely.


  1. I like the look of that steam launch and had an idea to try and build one, (in 28mm scale of course) but sadly it came to naught!

  2. Michael

    She does have a lovely look to her - and yes she'd be right at home with your stuff. I've had similar thoughts from time to time re building one, but they've not been followed up on. I believe that you can get decent kits of similar craft in 28mm.

  3. All great pictures Peter. Glad you are getting a vacation and some sailing time after enduring a particularly harsh winter. Me I am counting the days to sunny Italy as my reward.