Wednesday, May 14, 2014

England's Naval Glory Pt2

Some more shots from our motor into Portsmouth Harbour earlier in May.

The entrance to Portsmouth Harbour.  Ft Monkton on the port bow, Southsea Castle almost dead ahead.  The actual entrance in directly in front of the Spinnaker Tower.

Gosport, the former RN submarine base.  Dad spent many days here in his navy service.  There are two tall ships, a Swedish barkentine in the foreground and the TS Royalist beyond.
HM Dockyard from the water.  HMS Warrior and HMS Illustrious are most obvious in this view.  The weather was cold and grey that day.

HMS Warrior (1860) the early ironclad frigates were certainly beautiful ships.  I didn't make it on board Warrior this time around, but I've been on her at least twice and she is well worth the visit.

HMS Illustrious due to be retired later in 2014.  A "D" class destroyer is ahead of the Lusty.

The stern of the Lusty.  You can see the masts of Nelson's Victory and a bit of her starboard gun ports behind.  Victory's topmasts have been struck else she would be more prominent.

From left to right, Duke class, D class, Illustrious

More RN ships in port.  It was the May bank holiday weekend so all ships were in port to give the crews shore leave.


  1. In that first picture - that's the Round Tower you can see directly ahead (dates from 1415, 1495 in current format).. Southsea Castle is about a mile to the east, and has the light house on top.... this is good... My dad was a submariner, I did most of my first solo sailing trips from HMS Dolphin, and have many memories of visiting the submarines he was on (O and P diesel boats)....

  2. Steve
    Thanks for the info and the link.