Thursday, May 15, 2014

Neu Kakstadt

While in the UK I got together with Tim Gow for a play test of his Little Cold Wars game.  Tim's got better pictures than I over at his site, but here are my pics.

The East Germans enter

Goofy play mechanisms pt 1 - AM fires the Britain's mortar to put down smoke while Tim referees..


AM in charge of the DDR.  The smoke in front of him marks the burning command vehicle, while the larger clump is his own smoke screen.

My  mortar team drops a sheaf in the midst of AM's PT76s

The kommie krauts de-bus from their BMP.


  1. It's always fascinating to see someone else's photos of a game! Shame about that fat confused looking bloke in the second shot - I'd have photoshopped him out.....

    1. Tim
      Rumour has it that he's got an in with the rules writer. Therefore I'm trying to butter him up in case there are freebies in for me...

    2. Such shamelessness. Sounds like you've been hanging out with some dodgy people....

    3. Dodgy is a good term, but I think this one drives SAAB...