Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tarigo Convoy Part 2

Once the Saetta got its first shot off, in the next turn just about everyone got firm spots.  Life got hairy for the next couple of turns and Curt and I forgot to take pictures!  The Saetta got up close and personal with HMS Jervis and HMS Janus.  Collisions were avoided, guns were fired at close range and torpedoes were launch.  The Saetta was very out matched in terms of gunnery, but had the edge in torpedoes once she knocked out the Jervis' tubes.  The British spit into two groups of 2 DDs each, the J class taking the left side (foreground in the pictures) and the Tribals taking the far side.

All photos came from Curt's camera.

The sticky tab arrows mark torpedo tracks.  All the initial fish missed due to successful but not before some anxious evasion roles from the Jervis and Janus.  Gunnery took a tole especially on the convoy with the rear two freighters stopped, on fire and abandoned (AFVs plus petrol and ammo burn well apparently)!

One of the freighters explodes!  That's the Saetta in the bottom right corner having passed between the British ships.  Nubian and Mohawk had to be careful to avoid Janus' torpedoes.

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