Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Excuse the Momentary Political Rant

I'll be attending the Regina Death of Evidence Rally to protest Mr. Harper's policy towards science research (you have no idea how much restraint I've shown in this sentence).  Of particular concern to actuaries like me are
  1. The cancellation of the mandatory long form census form, which invalidated the entire long form census.  This was nothing short of petty ideology aimed at satisfying a very small minority of right wing conservative faithful (check Stats Can's figures on how many complains have been received on the long form).  I am a member of no less than 3 groups who wrote to the Harper government decrying this move - the CIA (The Canadian Institute of Actuaries no black helicopters), CAUT (national Uni teacher's union) and the U of R.
  2. Budget cuts (more precisely a gutting) of Stats Canada.
For those of you non-Canucks see the following links for more information:
I don't have a US media link because it's all too biased to waste time on.


  1. If you're collecting money for black helicopters and all that goes with them, I'll check my piggy bank.

    Looks like the days of re-enactors at Louisburg are numbered. and probably continued preservation of the site as well. grrrr