Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please Support Conrad

I thought that I should put a plug in for Conrad Kinch's walk for charity, in aid of a NeoNatal car unit in his locale.  Conrad and one of his regular gaming buddies are walking the 50km from Dublin to the River Boyne in memory of a friend's daughter who passed away after a very short lifetime.

He's hit a soft spot for me with this fund raiser. My daughter spent her first few weeks in the Neonatal intensive care having arrived 10 weeks early and weighing in at under 4 pounds.  The staff at the NICU gave her wonderful care and she's now a healthy 16 year old.  However, it costs a lot to run a NICU and there is a lot of expensive equipment needed.  Also even with the best staff and equipment (in our case the Hospital was rated the best in North America for new borns), there are still some very sad outcomes.  My wife and I appreciate how very lucky we were.

I particularly like the fact that Conrad and Dave are taking the "Portable Wargame" concept to heart and packing the troops, terrain and game aids for a renactment of the Battle of the Boyne upon arrival.  This brings new meaning to the wargames terms of fatigue and attrition.  Remember Conrad - 20mm plastic figures good, 54mm lead figures bad.

Mr. Kinch of course tells it all must better (and in more detail) at his blog:

Joy and Forgetfulness

Oh yes it's an Irish Charity but they take North American charge cards.

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