Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Armies Should I Use

Playing TTTs (table top teasers) it's all the rage they say.  The best armies for these actions are 25mm+ Horse and Musket (Nappys and SYWs) and I'm clean out of these armies.  But looking at what's on the wargames shelves and unpainted in boxes, here are some potential campaigns I can fight pretty much right out of the rubber maid rough tote (that being my army storage of choice).

I've put up a poll so that you too faithful reader and participate in the home game!

1.  Northwest Frontier/Afghanistan 1878-80
About 10 years (eek that long ago) I ran a series of games using British and imperial forces vs tribesmen and Afghan "regulars".  These appeared as articles in the Peshawar Gazette on Ross' old site.  Every thing's still there.  Has all the right elements unit wise, but balance is always a problem (i,e, how many natives is Brit worth).  Also has the appeal that my great-grandfather fought in the Tirah campaign in 1897 and my daughter's Muslim school friends tease her about being descended from the oppressor!

2.  Spartans Vs Pyrrhus 280BC
These are (gulp) almost 30 years old in some cases.  Two core armies plus enough allies and mercenaries to flesh out one or both sides.  Units are more balanced one side vs the other, but there's another balance issue in that the Horse vs Foot balance differs from say SYW.  Also you have to work our what an artillery unit represents (typically a better unit of lights with longer range weapons - so Cretans or Rhodians instead of bog standard javelin armed psiloi.

3. El Cid Spanish.
Newer than anything else on the list.  There's a core of Muslim and Christian units plus a Norman army to provide mercenaries and allies.  A better balance plus artillery units now become crossbows!

4.  French and Indian Wars
Again about 10 years old and there's two full sides, line infantry, light infantry and artillery.  The two sides are balanced and units are mostly equal, but no cavalry what so ever.  Typically this means a translation to more lights or working out the points/unit banalce and making it work without cavalry.


  1. I guess I have the first vote. Vote early, vote often.

  2. 30 years, frightening isn't it? But my Persians and Athenians are still on active service. Hope I can place two votes!

    btw I think I may have a backup copy of the Peshawar Gazette if you want to repost it on your blog as a webpage.

  3. Rob H

    My motto exactly - it didn't seem to work for the NDP this weekend tho.


  4. Ross

    Yes I think it's actually over 30 since I wandered into the tin soldier as a 1st or 2nd year undergrad.

    And yes, I would like the old PGs