Friday, March 2, 2012

Dangerous Times

I'm in a stall pattern on the modelling and gaming front currently due to kitchen renos, which have resulted in the kitchen furniture moving into the spaces where I normally paint. Hence the dangerous times - I can think about gaming but can't do anything about gaming .   It's the sort of time that odd packages are ordered on line full of potential future projects.

I've managed to resist the ordering urge and am instead on figuring out what to do with the table saw once the renos are out f the way.  I'm guessing that roads and rivers will appear, but also a fort.

Here's my real life model - a fort with real heritage.  Fort Anne Nova in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia.  Originally built by the French in Port Royale the capital of Acadia, it withstood three attacks (a raid in 1704, two seiges in 1707) in by British and colonial American forces before falling in 1710.  It then got renamed as Fort Anne and survived 7 French attacks in  (1711, 1722, 1734, two in 1744, 1745 and 1746) and then an American attack in 1778 (a later US attack was successful as the garrison was shipped to the Carolinas).  

It hasn't changed much since 1702, a small Vauban style fort with turf ramparts.  I figure such a model could be used for FIW actions, Caribbean island campiagns or to represent small outlying works in a SYW European campaign.


  1. Looking eagerly forward to discover the model!

  2. Abdul

    Don't hold your breath, it'll will need to wait until May (post exams and post snow).