Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Reading Shelf

With the living space occupied by kitchen furniture and the basement cleared to allow for the table saw, there's no space for modelling right now.  So I've been reading a lot.  Currently it's Duffy's book on the '45, which I highly recommend.

This has lots of good war games appeal, even if you don't plan to game the '45 (I'm not planning to ...yet).  I'm still in the early chapters but two key points jump at me.  The first is that I can't remember another occasion where the red coated infantry turned and ran like they did at Prestonpans.  The second is that the Jacobite army showed incredible flexibility and speed on the march.


  1. Good book. I'm reluctant to read it again as the last thing I need right now is enthusiasm for another period!

  2. Tim

    I think that I am strong enough to resist the urge!