Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When Work and Hobbies Meet

I've been silent on the blog for the last month which has been quite a whirlwind - I was away on CIA (actuaries) business three weekends running, I'm planning and organizing a 4 day tour to Banff for a 60 member youth orchestra, and I'm trying to engineer a new walkway and front steps to replace the ones backhoed and jackhammered to death with the foundation work.  Oh yeah and I teaching two university courses!

Anyway, there's the personal Venn diagram shows two items in the union of  Hobby Space and Work Space (okay I'm obviously fully back into academic mode this term).

1. My assignment for my 4th year class on fitting actuarial models to real life cases (life mortality tables).  I've split them into two groups Team Anson and Team Bourgogne and given them the data from Anson's circumnavigation and Napoleon's invasion of Russia as their case studies.

2. I've been outed to the University Community at large.  Apparently, my blogs got spotted and I'm going into a UofR wide social media directory.  Oh well, any one who knows me has long ago decided if I'm eccentric or just plain interesting.

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