Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back At the Painting Table

I did some actually modelling this week.  Plus for once, I'll be able to attend the monthly games day tonight -I'm actually in town and without social commitments!  

Inspired by a re-read of Black Powder, and online blog posts, I hauled out the Victrix and Perry plastic Napoleonics boxes from my basement and went to it.  So new projects include a unit of 8 rifles (assembled and primed) and a unit of 24 peninsula era French line infantry (assembled, primed and about 1/2 way painted).  

Other than usual issues with me an plastic models, they went together nicely.  OK well it turned out that I gave one pour monsieur two left arms in error so he's holding his fusil in his left hand and waiving his other left hand on the right side.  Oh well I'll put him in the back rank and hope no one notices.

This is a project that's like going way back in the time machine.  I painted the obligatory Airfix Waterloo boxes back in the (gulp) seventies and 15mm Austerlitz era figures in the eighties, but haven't touched a Nappy figure since then.  Most of the figures I've painted in the last 10 years or so have been medievals, so it's a pleasure to paint actual uniforms for a change.  I'm actually amazed that I never got around to the peninsula at some point in the last 30 years!

Other semi-modeling projects include relaying the front walkway and rerigging the wooden steps to link up to the walk way properly (I'm remembering exactly why I became an actuary rather than an engineer), and helping the daughter make rat shaped cup cakes for two friends having a joint birthday party tonight.

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