Sunday, October 30, 2011

Single Handed Admiral Plays Multi-player Games

Disproving my own moniker, I actually made it to the monthly games night for the first time since April (being out of town 11 weekends out of 14 will do that).  I played a series of board games as follows:

  1. Witchs' Dance (actual title was German, unpronounceable and impossible to remember) a kids game that was a really difficult memory game.  Each player had 4 witches to move around a track and off the board.  First kicker -the tokens were identical except for a coloured sticker on the bottom which could only be viewed if you rolled a 6 and forwent movement.  Second kicker - if you landed on another witch, you bumped her back 7 spaces with resulting chain reactions.   After a few moves no one knew which witch was which.  I won literally because other players moved all 4 of my witches by accident (thinking they were their own tokens).
  2. Infinite City (plus an expansion, although how one expands and infinite city is beyond me!) - tile placement game that I really enjoyed - especially since I won it!
  3. Midnight Party - another kids Halloween themed game that was the most fun of the evening.  Your party going guests race around trying to avoid Hugo the ghost.  The trouble is that the 2 of the die's faces moved the ghost instead of the players tokens.  I started well but finished back in the pack.
  4. Puerto Rico - loved the game, but I was playing 3 players with a lot more experience at it than I, so I was thoroughly thrashed.

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